You are at the first step to make a change to your daily cup of coffee,tea or choco.
A change for your health because this is not normal coffee,tea or choco we add Reishi.

Why drink reishi because 96% off the world population drinks daily a cup coffee, tea or choco
and because our products own original certificates.
All our products are made with 100% biological Ganoderma Lucidum(reishi) and made from fruiting body off mushroom.

Asian people use Reishi mushroom all ready for centuries, because it contributes for a healthy and long life terms and it"s helps for a lot diseases.
The Reishi mushroom has for many years high regard in these countries.
Strange is that the mushroom will not be often used in food because he has a bitter and tenacious taste,
That's why it will be cultivated and apply fore sake of medicinal properties.
Except that it works for a long life term and young,vitality there are specifically medicinal workings report,
they take care for the risc of cancer,heart-vascular diseases and infections will be to decrease.

Drink, enyoy and undergo what reishi can do for your body.